Thank You For The Music #3

As the Bath Festivals team is working from home this spring, we’re keen to share with you (and each other) the tracks that inspire us during these uncertain times. Introducing #ThankYouForTheMusic, a regular feature that is our way of sharing the songs we love and also thanking the incredible musicians who gifted them to the world.

Jasmine Barker, Marketing Manager

1. Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major
I was quite young when I first heard this track, but I have a clear memory, because it was the first time that I realised how powerful music can be.

2. Xaphoon Jones Remix (Bob Marley & MGMT), I Wanna Know Now 
A mash up of two of my favourite songs (This is Love by Bob Marley and Kids by MGMT), a perfect remix which I have many good memories dancing to in my friends summer house (which we called “The Shed”) which we converted into the perfect partying space, disco ball included!

3. The Killers, Bones
During my angsty teenage years, to let off steam I would run and would run as fast as I could until I couldn’t run anymore, and this was my favourite track for this and the album Sam’s Town which this is from has to be my favourite album from The Killers.

4. Florence and the Machine, Kiss with a Fist
At my 17th birthday party, two of my friends were a bit skint, so as my present they sang me this song, so whenever I hear it, it takes me back to that night and my wonderful friends.

5. Dexys Midnight Runners, Come on Eileen
All my friends will know that if this song comes on I want all of them up and dancing, I have many a memories from parties and nights dancing and singing at the top of our lungs to this tune.

6. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosHome
During an uncertain time in my life this song made me realise that home wasn’t a place but a feeling you have when you are with the ones you are closest to : “Home is whenever I’m with you”.

7. Waiting for Smith, Monkeys in My Head
My partner and I discovered Waiting for Smith at Wilderness Festival a few years ago and this has become one of those songs that we love to sing and silly dance around the kitchen to, being silly together is truly good for the soul.

8. Bruce SpringsteenDancing in the Dark
This is one of my favourite tracks to dance to and there is a brilliant key change in the middle which is perfection. I love to dance whenever I get the chance: around the house, in the elevator ride up to the office and even down the street (if no one is watching) and now working from home there is even more opportunities to have a little boogie!

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