Super Pirates come to Finale Weekend!🎈

One of the most fun parts about Finale Weekend is the KidsZone. This gives the perfect opportunity for the kids to have a brilliant time while adults can sit back, relax and enjoy the music at the festival. The weekend is a fantastic way to introduce kids to the festivals and with a dedicated kids zone ran by the brilliant Super Pirates they are certain to have tons of fun!

Super Pirates are a wonderful children’s events company with an energetic team of playworkers, dancers, actors and childcare professionals. They create amazing play areas and entertain children at festivals, parties, weddings and family fun days. They also organise holiday clubs and school workshops. As you can tell, they’re very experienced and know exactly how to make an event fun while keeping on the right side of chaos.

Jason Prentice, Director of Super Pirates, comments on working at Finale Weekend:

“We cannot wait to be back playing at full-power at the Bath festival Finale!  It’s a favourite of ours; playing and partying in our home city! We’ll be filling the kids area with our giant and very bouncy inflatable snakes; busting a groove in our disco den; throwing kids down a slip & slide; and generally being playful, creative and groovy all day long!  We’re all about letting kids be kids in their own way, giving them the opportunity to be their best selves, and reminding them – all day – just how totally awesome they are! “

When you have a ticket yourself for Finale Weekend (Click here to book to avoid dissapointment!), just bring your children along on the day and stop by between concerts. We guarantee they will have a brilliant time!



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