Staff Picks – Bethany Alexander

Bath International Music Festival Top Pick from Bethany Alexander, Music Producer:



All of our events of course! In particular, I can’t wait for the cabaret opera An Eye for an Eye. This brand new show is bright, breezy and funny despite its shocking true story of two maids who murdered their mistress and her daughter in 1930s France.

The production is really interesting, with a minimalist set and clever lighting. Singers Jessica Walker and Harriet Williams make up the cast and play both the roles of the two maids and their mistresses. In a real coup de théâtre the audience will witness the gruesome murder as the stage goes pitch black and……well, you’ll have to wait and see!

The singers are accompanied by a French café band that will sit up on the stage in 1930s evening dress. Jessica Walker not only stars in the show but is also the writer, with composer and Music Director David Knotts – please don’t miss this opportunity to see her charismatic performance.

I’m thrilled that the piece receives its world premiere at Bath International Music Festival. It will also be performed later in June at St Magnus International Festival, who we are co-producing the opera with. It’s so exciting that the opera originated for Bath will have a life after our Festival.


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