Staff Picks – Owen McNeir

Bath International Music Festival Top Pick from Owen McNeir, Development and Marketing Director:

“I absolutely love Jess Walker’s voice and style, but I won’t go on about An Eye for an Eye because Bethany’s already highlighted that exciting event….or the final event Barbara, Brel and Brassens which Ali talks about (although Ne Me Quitte Pas is my favourite song ever). So I will choose the wonderful Danish String Quartet who I saw at Cadogan last year and are performing twice in Bath, on 28 and 29 May. I absolutely love them; they look like boys onstage but when you get up close they’re like Viking giants. In their words they say they are, “your friendly neighbourhood string quartet with above average amounts of beard”.

Danish String Quartet, by Søren Andersen

I’m looking forward to the Debussy but the Danish traditional folk music, if they play the piece that I want them to play, then it will be completely stunning – it’s the most gorgeous piece of music, 500 year old Danish wedding music, the Sonderho Bridal Trilogy (listen here).

Then, to see them with the Sacconi Quartet on the 29th will be fascinating, to bring two groups like that together to perform I just think will be exhilarating – that’s what I’m looking forward to.”



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