Staff Picks – Felicity Gourley

Bath International Music Festival Top Pick from Felicity Gourley, Festival Volunteer:

I am new to the music festival, Party in the City being the only event which usually permeated the frantic “oh my gosh exams are ruining my life” feeling I have been used to for the past few years. However, this year, everything has changed

and I have been so overwhelmed by the sheer variety of what’s going on it’s been somewhat difficult to pick a highlight.

B+M - Hero

I think the thing that seems entirely different to anything else I’ve ever heard of is Bourgeois and Maurice. We ran a competition in the Box Office to win tickets to the event and had an amazing response from people who’d managed to see them at the Edinburgh Fringe and seeing both of their pages on twitter made me┬árealize┬áthat we are in for something really exciting.

And anything which “makes Lady Gaga look like Miss Selfridge” has got to be good!

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