Staff Picks – Ali Sully

Bath International Music Festival Top Pick from Ali Sully, Sales and Administration Manager:

My Top Pick is  Barbara, Brel and Brassens on the last night, Sunday 2 June.


Jess Walker

I love moody and dramatic French songs from that era. I’m unfamiliar with the singer, Jessica Walker, and I don’t normally like a trained voice, but I’m hoping the concert will overcome my prejudices as I’ve heard she’s an amazing performer. I know Jacques Brel songs mainly through cover versions, like Leonard Cohen and Scott Walker, so I imagine some gravelly-voiced extraordinary character singing these emotive songs. I once heard Martha Wainright encore a beautiful Barbara song at a gig which was just spine-tingling.
I think it will be funny; quite dark; moving in points. I’m hoping that there will be a bit of ‘chat’ by the side of the piano – I like a gig with chatting in it! I just think it will be a really cool and glamorous end to the festival. It’s perfect for Komedia, the only thing that’s missing is that the air should be thick with cigarette smoke and we should all be drinking absinthe (I can’t, I’ll be working!)”

Alasdair Nicolson

Alasdair Nicolson

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