Reports on Liz Pichon, Robin Stevens and Helen Skelton events by Junior Journalist Imogen Ellis

Review of Liz Pichon’s event.
Liz Pichon (the amazing writer of Tom Gates) and Lindsey Russel from Blue Peter, put on an enjoyable and entertaining show at the forum last Saturday. They told us lots of information about Tom Gates: Spectacular School Trip (Really) – Liz’s new book. We played a game to do with Caramel Wafers, one of Liz’s favourite snacks and she showed us how to do some awesome drawings which we then had a go at doing ourselves. We even created a monster using some of our ideas from the audience. We called him foot mouth- big bum!

We wrote down questions for Liz at the start of the show which Lindsey asked her. They were about inspirations for the books, first jobs as a writer and of course questions about the hilarious Tom Gates and his life.This interactive event was full of drawing, comedy and amazing facts! I loved every moment of it!


Review of Robin Stevens event
Robin Stevens, the author of Murder Most Unladylike (the story of two school children who solve dangerous murders), told us all there is to know about her books at the Bath Literature Festival. In her introduction she talked about what her series is about, she said Hazel and Daisy are very different but they both love crimes and they started a detective society.

She explained that as a child she really wanted to be a writer but she didn’t know what to write; it wasn’t until she read Agatha Christie’s books that she knew she was to be a crime writer. She also talked about other aspects of her childhood like growing up in an Oxford college (where her dad worked) and the strange traditions they did there and her obsession with reading.

It was fascinating finding out about her life and how it led up to her writing all these books!


Review of Helen Skelton’s event
Helen Skelton, the 33rd Blue Peter presenter and author of ‘Wild Girl’, told us all about some of the crazy adventures she has been on. From cycling to the South Pole to kayaking 2000 miles down the Amazon to running an ultra marathon through the scorching Namib Desert. Helen Skelton really is an inspirational lady. I could hardly believe the stories she was telling us and it definitely inspired me! She talked about her progress through the challenges and her advice for doing things that may be out of your comfort zone were, take it bit by bit and give it a go!

The stories that she told about her adventures were unbelievable and the experiences she got to do were definitely one in a kind. Some things she did were really cool and some were a bit weird like when doing her ultra marathon through the desert her toenails all fell off, so she put them in a purse and carried them around with her.

I can’t wait to read her books and get some ideas for my own challenges; like she said “I will unleash my inner wild girl!”

By Imogen Ellis Junior journalist


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