Patrick Barkham: Bliss is… Badgers

We thought we were being particularly clever when we invited Badgerlands author Patrick Barkham to join us for a round of Badger Ales for his exclusive photoshoot with us. We quickly discovered just how passionate Patrick is about the enigmatic badger when he produced a badger outfit from his bag and asked if it would be appropriate to wear it for some of the photos. Our answer: a resounding yes.

In Badgerlands, Patrick Barkham follows in the footsteps of his badger-loving grandmother, who was responsible for a Parliamentary bill that prohibited their slaughter. He meets the feeders, farmers and scientists who know their way around Badgerlands: the mysterious world in which these distinctively striped creatures snuffle, dig and live out their complex social lives. As the debate over the badger cull continues, Barkham weighs the evidence on both sides of the argument, and delves into the rich history of the badger – from their prehistoric arrival in Britain and their savage persecution over the centuries, to Kenneth Grahame’s fictional creation in Wind in the Willows and the badger who became a White House pet.

badgerlands cover
Patrick will be joining us at The Independent Bath Literature Festival on Tuesday 4 March for his Bliss Lecture on the subject of Badgers. Expect a lively debate around this enigmatic animal, including discussion of the badger culls. And if we’re very lucky, he might just pop his badger onesie on for us again…

Browse the full gallery of images below. Many thanks to Hall & Woodhouse for hosting us. All photos copyright Betty Bhandari 2013.

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