Junior Journalist – Ross Welford Event Review

On Saturday I went to my first event as a junior journalist to see Ross Welford. He started the show with some amazing magic tricks and he told us about how he has always enjoyed magic since he was a child. He talked to us about the inspirations for his books and some of his favourite stories as a child. It was really interesting when he explained about the history of time travelling in books. For example the first ever book which included time travelling was a Christmas Carol when the ghosts take Scrooge back and forth in time.

He then told us we would be writing our own story as a group based on the idea of lost and found. We each suggested ideas and we came up with a story about Boris Johnson stealing a golden alarm clock from a giant called Toby and his friend Steve. Ross Welford was really funny throughout the show and I learnt a lot of things about his books.

After, I was lucky enough to meet and interview him! He was really nice and he told me lots of things about his books; for example his favourite character he has written about is Roxy and the reason he became a writer was unemployment from his job as a TV presenter. I asked him about his interest in magic and he explained that he is in the Magic Circle and even showed me his badge!

I really enjoyed the whole experience and I would say it was entertaining and very interesting.  He even signed my programme!

Imogen, Junior Journalist.

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