Junior Journalist – Harry Hill Review

Comedian, TV star and children’s writer Harry Hill presents his third Matt Millz book at Bath Children’s Literature Festival!

How do you make a perfect custard pie? What’s the best way to deal with hecklers? And how do you become a slapstick superstar? In his Bath Children’s Literature show Harry gives you top tips on how to be the best comedian in the playground. With his ten-meter selfie stick, shredded wheat accordion and trusty puppet, Stouffer the cat, singing Stefflon Don songs, it was non-stop laughter all the way.

He had the audience under his comic control with the ever-present threat of a custard pie brawl. He had us shouting “traybake!” and “tear and share!” like our lives depended on it. We almost forgot we were there to hear about the third hilarious Matt Millz book.

We also found out what Harry Hill is up to next. In an exclusive chat before the event, he told us his much loved earlier book Tim the Tiny Horse, is being turned into a touring musical that you can expect to see in theatres next year. “Get seats near the front” was Harry’s advice for this possibly microscopic show! He is also making a new Friday night comedy program for Channel Four and presenting CBBC program Junior Bake Off.

Ash, Junior Journalist.

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