David Baddiel – Junior Journalist

When we arrived at the theatre to see David Baddiel, everyone around us was already really excited! It didn’t take us long to realise his new book (The Taylor Turbochaser) was being sold there for the first time!  As we sat down people were starting to look at his book and the excitement of knowing we were the first people to read it was amazing.

In the show, David Baddiel told us all about the Taylor Turbochaser. He explained it was a book about a girl called Amy who had always wanted to drive, so one day her friends made her wheelchair into a supercar. He then read us a really funny exctract of the book, everyone in the audience couldn’t stop laughing, and after that I knew I had to read it.

He told us funny stories about a cat he owned called Chairman Miaow, his son’s pranks on him and of course about his books.Throughout the show there was audience interaction where he asked us questions about our own ideas for inventions and which celebrity parents we would have!

At the end we went and got our books signed and we even got a photo with him. I really enjoyed this event and David Baddiel was really funny. I can’t wait to read his new book!

Imogen, Junior Journalist.

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