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  1. The Big Bath Read: The rise of the Book Club.

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    It’s official, Book Clubs are back, even Mark Zuckerberg has said so. At the start of this year the Facebook creator joined the trend; started by the likes of Oprah and Richard and Judy, by announcing that his new year’s resolution is to read a book every 2 weeks for an entire year. His first book, an apt choice Moisés Naím’s ‘The End of Power’, sold out of Amazon within 24 hours with millions of people rushing to get his first choice of influential books.

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    Although the ‘Zuckerberg / Facebook’ affiliation may make us squirm in our socially mediated seats there is no doubt that pulling millions of people towards reading cannot be a bad thing. No one can deny the increasing squeeze put on our daily lives via technology and it is refreshing to see a pull towards the enjoyment and importance that can be gained from reading books.

    However if Zuckerberg’s capitalist minded picks are not what you had in mind then why not join our book group; THE BIG BATH READ:


    Created by our artistic director for the 2015 Bath Literature Festival – VIV GROSKOP – to coincide with the run up to the festival, Viv has suggested that we all read the incredible book ‘SMALL WARS’ by SADIE JONES. The Book Club is a space to give reviews of reads and to peek at what others are reading.

    Jones will be part of a number of events at the festival but most importantly she will be in conversation with Viv on the 8th March to talk about her book. Perhaps the Big Bath Read is able to give an element of interaction that other book groups do not offer. What a pleasure to read an author’s work and to then see her in the flesh voice her opinions about the book (and you never know, maybe you will be able to ask that burning question) If you sign up to the group linked above then you can also share your own top reads and see what other bookworms are enjoying.

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    If you haven’t already the please visit our website to see the full line up in this year’s Literature festival, or alternatively you can browse this year’s online brochure here: